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Not One Not Two was founded by Paula RoNie and Ana Bulovic as a product of their path towards the 'Onwards' realm. The collective places the focus of its creative energy in the construction of experiences where the dramatic, the intellectual and the extraordinary meet harmoniously. Each creation carries a strong shared enthusiasm for adventure into the many layers of understanding of the subjects that are approached. They are certain that in art, the message that is more worth communicating is that which was born from deep comprehension and perception. Their work uses dance and physical theatre as main elements of expression and add to this aerial acrobatics, elaborate costumes and unworldly scenery to offer a journey into the extraordinary.




Dance-Theater piece

White Flower Red explores the origin of morality in human beings. It is inspired in a myth-shaped story by S. Freud in his attempt to explain the universality of the incest taboo. With the use of masks, interpretative dance and animated ligths, the piece takes a step into the extraordinary


Contemporary theater

In a village there was a house. In a house there was a woman. In the woman there were three secrets...

Arrivals is an experimental theatre piece exploring the dimension of slowness as an operating principle of both immersion and discovery.



Immersive installation-journey

What is time? Apart from the clock, apart from the sunrise and the sunset, the beauty of the sunrise, the beauty of the sunset, apart from the light and the dark, What is time? - Jiddu Krishnamurti

An immersive journey which revisits the human  as a time-producing, time-dependent or timeless organism.


Theater piece

We do not live in the age of spirituality, we live in the age of spiritual need. Spirituality enters all too easily in the game of the optimization of the self, just one more tool to relieve the suffering and keep afloat. There are many who profess themselves guides of this kind of spirituality, playing the self-aggrandising game from their end. But the spirit is a dangerous thing to play around with. In the alteration of the spirit lies the seed of freedom, and its distortion holds the seed of madness.



Music-Theater w/ contemporary circus

Sojourn follows the odysee of a woman who is called onto sea, casting off into the unknown. It is the theatrical interpretation of the musical album "Sojourn", composed by Ana Bulovic. The piece is an interdisciplinary adventure involving physical theater, aerial acrobatics, storytelling, live visual performance and live music.

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